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Financial reporting

We provide support in the matters of registration and compilation of reports according to the requirements of the accounting act or MSSF. We point towards possible directions in order to minimize the tax risk and optimize finances.

According to the needs, we render following services:
Verification of book records, balance analysis at the end of the financial period and formatting the annual financial report.
Compilation of financial report.
Release of the annual financial report template.
Preparation of financial reports acc. to accounting act or MSSF.
Preparation of consolidation butches for capital groups.
Formulating the periodic financial reports.
Reshaping the financial reports made according to the accounting act on IAS and other regulations.
Reorganizing the partnerships.
Tax treatment from abroad.
Help in registering the enterprises.


As a part of our services, we also provide workshops on accounting, bookkeeping and taxes. 

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Comarch ERP Optima Manager Desktop

Comarch ERP Optima Manager Desktop is a Comarch ERP Optima system module, recommended for customers of accounting firms, management teams and owners of companies. The app consists of multiple intrinsic reports about i.e. company’s income and expenditures, taxes to be paid, costs of salary paid, personnel information, settlements with contractors etc.

Comarch ERP Optima Manager Desktop is a:
Access to company’s data 24h/ thanks to the possibility of evaluating them via the Internet.
Quick access to current data thanks to the extensive integration with the Comarch ERP Optima system.
The diverse range of available information, which provides the access to data from almost all Comarch ERP Optima areas of activity used in the company.
The reports can be exported to the spreadsheet or PDF format.

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