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Accounting advisory

Comprehensive help and substantive support in running a business.

We assist in organizing a well-functioning company’s accounting system. We help in solving problems that may have risen within the accountancy and financial reporting. We are able to find accurate solutions for both new entrepreneurs and people who long since run their economic activity.

We provide extensive support:
Compilation and update of accounting policy.
Modification and update of chart of accounts.
Verifying the proper record schemes.

Opinions and expertise

We serve a professional knowledge and years long experience in the range of formulating stands and expertise. 

We offer i.e. specialistic analysis such as:
Opinions in the matters of framing determined accounting events in financial books and reports.
We are displaying sets of financial data (budgets, forecasts, consolidation and others).
We provide expertise concerning the way each department in the company is functioning.
We compile economic-financial evaluations incl. in the scope of economic-financial situation analysis of business entities.

Help of tax and accounting law experts

We are a high-functioning group of experts from the accountancy field. What characterizes us is a holistic approach to business and elasticity in creating personalized business plans. We have accomplished a multiannual experience if it comes to formulating the accounting policies for companies from different economic sectors. When offering the advisory, we pay attention foremostly to the accuracy with law regulations, specificity of the company's activity and its future development.

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