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HR and payroll

Professional handling of personnel department and payroll

We possess knowledge and experience, which enable us to provide comprehensive personnel and payroll services.

Depending on the size of a company and the specificity of its business activity, services are provided by accounting and payroll teams. We are able to create the external personnel department with the full service in terms of HR for our clients.
All of the personnel and payroll matters are covered by us immaculately, reliably and professionally
We organize issues relating to the employees
We guarantee immense satisfaction from our services

Services regarding the personnel

We provide full scope of personnel services. We are engaged in full service personnel.
Preparation of employment contracts and documents as well as changes in working conditions and wages.
Registering the data in personnel and payroll systems.
Administration of personnel files.
Insight into the medical examinations and OSH debriefs.

Services regarding the payroll

We carry on entirely the payroll accounting process in companies for employees hired in the employment contract and civil law agreement. 

We offer a comprehensive range of services:
Calculating the surcharges on remunerations (income tax , social security and sickness contributions).
Compilation of binding agreements and tax information (PIT-11, PIT-4R).
Compiling the discharge declarations required by ZUS, and forwarding the sets of these declarations and application declarations to ZUS.
Formulating the payroll and forms ZUS RMUA.
Preparing the transfer batches.

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