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Management accounting

We help in a conscious business management

We offer services in regard to management accounting and controlling. Our support in business decision-making is effective and we help in finding the solutions meant to reduce costs, increase the profitability and efficacy of the enterprise.
Our goal is to deliver reliable and objective data, which may help in better business decision-making.
We support our clients through comprehensive counseling in respect of financials and controlling.
We help to solve the enterprise’s problems.
We provide detailed analysis and quickly acquire the data relevant for the enterprise.

Management accounting for companies

As a part of controlling and management accountancy we offer our clients following options.
Study of rules and controlling systems.
Financial data budgeting.
Surveying company’s liquidity.
Assessment of the bottom line.
Compiling other specific analysis in scope of management accounting.

Detailed and valuable analysis

Within the management accountancy we provide valuable analysis and calculations, which reflect the needs of certain enterprises. We examine the company’s profitability, production costs, efficacy of trade and many other specific aspects of the company's activity.
Analysis of the results center.
Cost, break even level and selling analysis.
Analysis concerning cost optimization in a company.
Ratio analysis.
Annually required analysis in terms of activity reports.
Compiling other specific analysis in scope of management accounting.

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